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Hey my names Nina and I'm doin a school project on the Early National Period, Foreign Policy. We're centered on the War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine, I was wondering if anybody knew anything... something that I wouldn't find in every book or website or something that would make this project really interesting. Thanks :)


I'm sure some of you have gotten this email. But just in case you haven't here it is...


Look what happens when a President gets elected in a year with a "0" at the
end. Also notice it goes in increments of 20 years.

1840: William Henry Harrison (died in office)

1860: Abraham Lincoln (assassinated)

1880: James A. Garfield (assassinated)

1900: William McKinley (assassinated)

1920: Warren G. Harding (died in office)

1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt (dies in office)

1960: John F. Kennedy (assassinated)

1980: Ronald Reagan (survived assassination attempt)

2000: George W. Bush ?????

And to think that we had two guys fighting it out in the courts to be the
one elected in 2000.

You might also be interested in this.

Have a history teacher explain this ----- if they can.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both Presidents were shot in the head.
Now it gets really weird..

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln.

Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.

Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

Both assassins were known by their three names..

Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

Now hang on to your seat !!!!

Lincoln was shot at the theater named 'Ford.' Kennedy was shot in a car
called 'Lincoln' - made by 'Ford.' Booth and Oswald were assassinated before
their trials.

And here's the kicker .....

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland A week before
Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.

Creepy huh?

I don't know much about American History (my bad) but if there is any discrepancies do say so!
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Musings of people who have WAAAY too much time on their hands.

Lately i've found myself pondering the Battle of Salamis. For those not familiar, it's the second, and major, naval battle in the Greco-Persian wars, where the Greek fleet completely and utterly trashed the Persian fleet near the island of Salamis. Some experts believe that if the Persians had won this battle, western civilization would have ceased to exist.

After pondering this subject, i find this rather hard to believe. The persians would still have had to fight land battles to subdue greece, where the greeks had the edge in armor and weaponry. Secondly, the greeks all had oversea colonies, in areas such as Italy, Spain, and the like. The athenians, supposedly, were going to flee to Italy if they lost the war, so Democracy would have remained. Rome would still grow, out of Persia's reach, and there's also Carthage to consider. Granted, western civilization would be different, but not terribly much so. I seriously doubt that there would be very many differences. Sure, we might be speaking a decendent of a Semetic or Celtic language, but that's about the only thing i can see being different, aside from minor things. I believe the large picture would remain the same.


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so STAR testing is wednesday. well its all week, but the history section is on wednesday.
wonder what questions will be on it.
its on american history.

any helpful historical reminders before i venture off to test land? i.e. the cold war was mainly between russia and the u.s., or, progressives believed in blah.....important dates, etc.....THANKS! =0)

Ouch... Burn.

This is written in response to Canada's non-action during The Cuban Missile Crisis:
(The non-action was Deifenbakers way of saying "look at us we are all grown up and can make our own decisions" I think it's also a matter of pissing off the US because that was what Deifenbaker was good at. :P)

"Sovereignty is exercised by acting in the national interest, by behaving as a mature nation, and by meeting the treaty obligations Canadian governments has freely entered."
J.l. Granatstein, Who Killed the Canadian Military? p 61


A very interesting read if your interested in Canadian History. I must admit we (Canadians) did some pretty good work of pissing off the United States. heh.

I Love History
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This isn't a rant but a link I find interesting. Hopefully someone else will too. At WarMusuem.ca there's a quick link dropdown list on the right side. Go to that and they have this Today In History link. Click on it and you'll get some neat information on what happened today in Canada, or to other Canadians in the world.
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History has some of the best quotes.

Liu Ling was an extreme Daoist (I think he lived during the Han Dynasty, but don't quote me on that) He was accused by a visiting friend of being indecent because he was naked in his house.

Liu Ling's response:
"Heaven is my roof, this house are my trousers. What are you doing in my trousers?"

I love it.
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I found this rather amusing....

This isn't a rant, perse, i was just reading this and i found it really cute, so i thought i'd share. And yes, it does have to do with history cos it's about The Vikings. ^_^

It was expected of Viking children to show a boldness of spirit, and if this took the form of standing up to their elders, they were rather admired for it. So on to the story!!
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Well that Was Quick...

A little on early Chinese History...

The first "Empire" of China was that of the Qin Dynasty established in 221 BCE when the Qin defeated the Eastern Zhou... It lasted all of 15 years...

For those who don't know much on Chinese History let me give you a little bit of perspective I guess.. the Qin is most famous for the Terra Cotta Warriors.. and it's king became the First Emperor of China.

This is what I find a kicker. He was so determined to live for ever and for his kingdom to reign for "10, 000 generations" that he had alchemists working hard to develop the pill of immortality. In the end the Emperor died from the very pill that was meant to prolong his life. The reason.... the alchemists were using Mercury as their choice ingredient for the pill. Scholars say he died of Mercury Poisoning.... I like to say that stupidity killed him... but that is not fair of me... :) how were they suppose to know Mercury was lethal.... so much for the pill of immortality, but they did seem to develop an effective pill for it's negation.
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