Patricia (babyblueprep) wrote in history_rant,

Im taking a little break from working on my thesis in the library... I am actually realy enjoying the information that I am reading. I know that sounds really nerdy of me, but I am learning so much about Elizabeth Tudor and things around her. Of coarse, I hate the readings that give opinions of the author and not just facts, but I can see how it can be hard to not be opionated on something you are passionate about. But they do distort history, which is what I do not want to do. I'm doing my thesis on Don Diego Guzman de Silva, the Spanish Ambassador in England from 1564-1568. I am focusing on his dealings with Queen Elizabeth on many topics. I am either trying to just show all this dealings (Philip of Spain's instructions to him), or to show how he was an amazing ambassador compared to de Quadra (the one before him) and the one after him, or why the marriage negotiations between England and Spain failed. I would love to show all three things if I can, but I still am involved in the research. I've been actually reading letters written by Guzman and Philip and even Elizabeth about all this... its in the Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Cal.S.P.Span.). I am so excited that I am really doing what I want to do for the rest of my life... research and writting about it.

Okay, break done.
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