February 17th, 2005

Cap Was Right

Hitler: The Sponge Years?

We know that Hitler lived off of his father's civil servant pension and a small inheritance after his father died. Then he was in the army during WWI, and remained in the military for a short time after that.

Between leaving the army and the Beer Hall Pustch... how did Hitler support himself? Was said pension still in effect? Did he have a part-time job during the early days of the Nazi party that nobody know about? Did he have roommates or something?

I found myself asking these questions while reading a general history of World War II. Mussolini at least had "real" jobs to speak of until his party really took off and it became something that would support him. I'm really curious about Hitler, though. Charismatic as he may have been, it's hard to imagine a psycho like him being that guy who used to crash on your couch.

Anyone know the answer to this question? How did Hitler support himself between his military years and his time as a jailbird?
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