October 3rd, 2004



Anyone who studies Canadian History may have heard of the Historian Ged Martin. If you ever want a good Canadian history read without falling a sleep I recommend his works. I'm currently writing a Book review on his Book Britain and the Origins of Canadian Confederation, 1837-67 and it is quite enjoyable.

"A book that needs apologies ought never to have been written" - William Howard Russell.

This is Martin's opening quote for the preface of the book and I found it a bit refreshing.

In one part he points out the stupidity of the railroad to the west for the purpose of transporting troops should British North America be attacked by the Americans:

"It was ridiculous to imagine that the Americans would sit by while convoys of potentially hostile troops lumbered along hundreds of miles of railway line close enough to their own border to be sabotaged"

Sorry the mental image made me laugh ^_^