July 19th, 2004

cordilleran flycatcher

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Lately i've found myself pondering the Battle of Salamis. For those not familiar, it's the second, and major, naval battle in the Greco-Persian wars, where the Greek fleet completely and utterly trashed the Persian fleet near the island of Salamis. Some experts believe that if the Persians had won this battle, western civilization would have ceased to exist.

After pondering this subject, i find this rather hard to believe. The persians would still have had to fight land battles to subdue greece, where the greeks had the edge in armor and weaponry. Secondly, the greeks all had oversea colonies, in areas such as Italy, Spain, and the like. The athenians, supposedly, were going to flee to Italy if they lost the war, so Democracy would have remained. Rome would still grow, out of Persia's reach, and there's also Carthage to consider. Granted, western civilization would be different, but not terribly much so. I seriously doubt that there would be very many differences. Sure, we might be speaking a decendent of a Semetic or Celtic language, but that's about the only thing i can see being different, aside from minor things. I believe the large picture would remain the same.


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