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Just an update for those that have helped me with my Thesis...

So I turned in the first draft of my Thesis last Friday and got it back today. First off, to refresh memories, my thesis is on the Spanish Ambassador, Don Diego Guzman de Silva and his residency in England in 1564-1568 and his dealing with Elizabeth Tudor. I am focusing on the instructions that he received from Philip of Spain during this time. Anyway, I got an A+++ on it. The second draft is due next Wednesday and then the final in December. Getting such a great grade is really a motivator to do even that much more for the second draft.


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I am continuing to work on my Thesis on the Spanish Ambassador, Don Diego Guzman de Silva, and his residency in England from 1564-68. I was wondering if anyone has a good book or web site that they know of that would help me... I have a few topics that I am going to be discussing. Here they are:

- Marriage Negiations between Spain and England (in particualr the one with Archduke Charles of Austria)
- All the other marriage negotiations and offers Elizabeth had at this time
- Flemish Trade/ the Low Countries
- Spain's relationship with Robert Dudley - how de Silva wsa told to gain his support
- the reopening of the ports both on the Spanish side and the English side
- Spanish Protestants in England at this time / "heretics"

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


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Im taking a little break from working on my thesis in the library... I am actually realy enjoying the information that I am reading. I know that sounds really nerdy of me, but I am learning so much about Elizabeth Tudor and things around her. Of coarse, I hate the readings that give opinions of the author and not just facts, but I can see how it can be hard to not be opionated on something you are passionate about. But they do distort history, which is what I do not want to do. I'm doing my thesis on Don Diego Guzman de Silva, the Spanish Ambassador in England from 1564-1568. I am focusing on his dealings with Queen Elizabeth on many topics. I am either trying to just show all this dealings (Philip of Spain's instructions to him), or to show how he was an amazing ambassador compared to de Quadra (the one before him) and the one after him, or why the marriage negotiations between England and Spain failed. I would love to show all three things if I can, but I still am involved in the research. I've been actually reading letters written by Guzman and Philip and even Elizabeth about all this... its in the Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Cal.S.P.Span.). I am so excited that I am really doing what I want to do for the rest of my life... research and writting about it.

Okay, break done.
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I'm a newbie. That's about it.

Did anyone else see the Elizabeth I thingy on BBC One and want to retch?

Jesus H. Christ!

I only really watched it because Jeremy Irons = Eye Candy. I tend to find any interpretation of Elizabeth lacking. Film-makers and directors seem to think of her as a femenist pin-up, and therefore will invariably surround her with incompotent old codgers for her to shout at. This production was no exception.

The good points were that the set and costume. But it's always painfull when they're the only good points because it makes that in which it was lacking stand out. The extras were like something of Monty Python. The army at Tilbury staring, awe-struck, into a fog maschine, was frankly the stupidest attempt at evoking some sort of patriotic emotion I've ever seen.

The script was like an amateur adaptation of a Jane Austen with some soap-style dramatics thrown in for good measure and effect. And the delivery? Don't get me started... The way that the speech at Tilbury was done made me want to cry at a sheer sense of betrayal.

They were obviously trying to make a point with Liz not having had slept with Dudley, something about being different and having a better underdstanding of Elizabeth. I agree that she probably never slapt with him, but if you're going to do that, what's the point when you have them snogging every time they're alone together? He seemed to be constantly lurking in her bed-chamber. It was ridiculous.

She met up with Mary. What. The. Fuck? That never, repeat, NEVER happened. And I don't incline to the, "Oh, it's not written in any records and so it probably never happened" way of thinking. Firstly, the prisons that Mary was kept in were so remote Elizabeth couldn't have gotten to one without being noticed. Secondly, Elizabeth didn't want to see Mary. She had her prisoner for 19 years, and if she wanted to speak to her, she would have done. Elizabeth the First and Mary Queen of Scots NEVER MET. I don't know what they were trying to prove.

The characterisation was by far the most iritating I've come across. And I thought Cate Blancett could be irritating at times. Since femenism, some people always want to judge her by a modern light. To me, this shows a really dispicable disrespect for the past. Apparantly, this director was only impressed by the architecture and costume of the past, and so his ideal protagonist was someone he could treat as modern. She was always crying and being all pasionate. This irritates the hell out of me. It's because women are always behaving like this that we ended up as second-class citizens in the first place. You wouldn't want some highly-strung, compasionate, indicisive bimbo commanding an army, would you? Men saw woman as inferior because they were always giving in to their emotions. They wouldn't have taken Elizabeth seriously if she acted the way Hellen Mirren did. Elizabeth was the ultimate politician, and all politicians know that it's all about acting. If that means being an iron-hearted bitch at times, or making the best use of feminine charms, so be it. But it probably isn't going to mean having a hissy fit and burting into tears in front of your privy council.


I am doing a major research paper on a traveler to England... At first it was going to deal with Archduke Charles of Austria and his foreign marriage negotiations with Elizabeth, but the topic got changed. The new topic is the ambassador, for Philip II, Don Diego Guzman de Silva and his travels. I am trying to stick with his travels that specifically dealt with the marriage negotiations with Elizabeth (since she is what I study mainly)... I have been looking in the Calender State Papers of Span. 1558-67 but haven't really been able to come up with much more. I know that Guzman is not a well known person but that is unfortunately what I have to write on.

So if anyone can help lead me in the right way to more sources or questions I can think about or facts, I would greatly appreciate it. I could use all the help I can get.

Again the name of the ambassador is Don Diego Guzman de Silva.

Cap Was Right

Hitler: The Sponge Years?

We know that Hitler lived off of his father's civil servant pension and a small inheritance after his father died. Then he was in the army during WWI, and remained in the military for a short time after that.

Between leaving the army and the Beer Hall Pustch... how did Hitler support himself? Was said pension still in effect? Did he have a part-time job during the early days of the Nazi party that nobody know about? Did he have roommates or something?

I found myself asking these questions while reading a general history of World War II. Mussolini at least had "real" jobs to speak of until his party really took off and it became something that would support him. I'm really curious about Hitler, though. Charismatic as he may have been, it's hard to imagine a psycho like him being that guy who used to crash on your couch.

Anyone know the answer to this question? How did Hitler support himself between his military years and his time as a jailbird?
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